Natural DIY Lavendar River Rock Foot Soak

Are you one of those people trying to think of fun date ideas that don’t cost a fortune? I am. I’m always trying to find cheap and interesting things to do with Rob that will be fun for both of us and doesn’t involve breaking the bank.

A great DIY at-home date night: Spa Night. Most of the needed items can be found at the dollar store or at local discount outlet. THIS IS SO EASY, and it won't break the bank like going to a spa would.

What you'll need:

1) Epsom Salt/Sea Salt/Kosher Salt

2) River Rocks

3) Bowl/Dish Tub

4) Moisturizing Lotion

5) White Vinegar

6) Eucalyptus Oil

7) Lavander Oil

8) Natural Loofah/Exfoliator

9) Pumice Stone

For manicure, you'll need:

1) Quick Drying Top Coat

2) Nail Polish

3) Nail Clippers

4) Emery Board File

Homemade Foot Soak Recipe
1/4 C.     Salt
3-4 C.     Warm water
1/4 C.     White Vinegar
2 drops   Eucalyptus Oil
2 drops   Lavander Oil

Step 1: Put rocks on the bottom of the bowl. Add ingredients in bowl, then add warm water.
Step 2: Put a towel under the bowl. Soak feet for 15-20 mins. Dry feet when done.
Step 3: Scrub dead skin off feet with pumice stone, or use loofah with foot scrub. Pay attention to the spots that have very dry, callus skin. DO NOT scrub until your skin is raw.
Step 4: Massage in moisterizer into all areas of the foot. This feels great!
Step 5: For nails, trim and file to preferred length. To avoid ingrown nails, cut straight across with slightly rounded ends. DO NOT cut past your nailbed or cut off any callus skin.
Step 6: Rub in some cuticle oil, or paint desired color for some added prettiness! If you're going to bed, put some socks on to lock in that moisture.
Voila! Your feet are now BEAUTIFUL!

I thought this would be great to add this to our movie/Hell’s Kitchen night. So instead of being zonked out on front of the TV for a couple hours, we can get some much needed stress relief as well. This at-home foot soak and mini-pedi is so much cheaper than going to the salon, and gives you guys some real bonding time together!
I made a natural, homemade aromatherapy foot soak and mini-pedi, and we watched a documentary that we rented from the library (also FREE), and a couple of glasses of orange juice to sip on while we relaxed. This was awesome!
Natural foot soaks can take so much of the tension and stress out of your body that you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards! It also helps the circulation in your feet, moisturizes the skin, and removes the toxins from your body. When you’re done soaking your feet, you can see the water getting cloudy from all the build-up in your skin. (ew.)
So when I said I wanted us to do pedicures, he was skeptical, having no idea what a "pedicure" actually meant. I'm sure he thought I was going to try to paint his toenails or take him to some ridiculous salon that would cost a fortune. Calm down, sir. Well afterwards, he completely changed his tune. He absolutely loved soaking int eh warm water, rubbing his feet on the rocks, and couldn't believe how relaxed he felt! And since it was his first time, I went ahead and showed him what to do - pumiced the heels, massaged and moisturized his feet, etc. Yeah, I think me pampering his feet really did the trick! I don't think many men, or women, truly understand what kind of beating we put our feet through every day. We need to be nice to ALL of our skin, not just the parts that people can see.

Check out these great Etsy sellers for some fantastic homemade foot soak supplies!
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